Victor Quinlan writes uplifting folk-punk songs about the nuances of being a child, being Queer, and recovering from adversity, with a witty spin. Any song that sounds playful will also contain profound insights; listen carefully.

Their music is influenced by artists such as Against Me!, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Sara Bareilles, and has been featured on Rainbow Radio at CHRW 94.9, CBC, and Strange Fire Magazine, and is regularly invited to play Pride Festivals.

Victor also supported Rae Spoon and Respectfulchild at their Bodiesofwater release tour London stop in 2018, and played at Fierte Montreal (Montreal Pride) in Summer of 2018.

Victor won studio time and recorded a cover of ‘Not With Haste’ in 2011 in Winnipeg, MB before they started their transition. In 2017, after transitioning, Victor was invited to perform and London’s Pride Festival, and they decided to arrange a duet with the 2011 recording that could be shared live. The response to this performance was overwhelming for everyone in attendance, including Victor. They showed other Trans and Queer people that they aren’t alone, and in return, Victor learned about the magic of vulnerability.

If you’d like to feel some feels, come visit a live show, or stay tuned at @victorquinlanmusic on Facebook and Instagram.